About us


We are a group of enthusiastic, self driven, change makers who take upon themselves the responsibility of bringing about the change they wish to see around them. We selflessly aim towards making a difference in lives of the less fortunate and underprivileged in simple, practical and sustainable ways. We are not bogged down by tough situations and instead look for solutions to the problem.

We strongly believe in overcoming trying times with consistency, determination, ownership, patience, practicality and lots of love. Love is the sole foundation of achieving success. Love is what binds us together and makes us a force to reckon with. A group of individuals who come together for the sole purpose of growth and development of society at large.

Our activities/programs/events/campaigns are not restricted to a/one particular cause.

We undertake activities/programs/events/campaigns when and wherever help/assistance/need is required and is a pressing issue/concern for the society.

Activities/programs/events/campaigns are largely characterized under areas of education, health and safety, environment, society upliftment, cleanliness and hygiene, animal welfare, equality of rights, cultural development etc.

Activities/programs/events/campaigns may sometimes be taken up in light of a present/current issue affecting large group of people at any given period of time.

Efforts shall be made to minimize losses, improve conditions, provide assistance and gather resources to help resolve the matter.










Eradicate social disparity and promote equality for all. Add enriching life experiences to everyone’s life associated with us who we proudly call our family. Influence the youth, encourage them to be leaders of tomorrow and bring the change we all want to see around.


To be a progressive and influencing group of change makers who end social taboos, lead the nation towards progress one day at a time and break the boundaries of society that limit us to achieve our dreams.

Our Core Team

Sagar Jain

Marketing & PR Head.

Not everyone is as fortunate as you to live and lead an exquisite life full of fun, comfort and luxury. Some don't even get the opportunity to receive every human beings basic needs. The things that we take for granted like food clothing or shelter don't reach in the hands of the one who needs it. That's where we step in. A group of young, self- driven and enthusiastic individuals from among many like you with that identical fire within to get out and reach out to the world. Step in and make difference where it's required instantly. Full of spark and fun to be the reason behind that heart-warming smile.

Prit Lakhia

Planning & Strategy Head

Association Of Social Beyond Boundaries is my second home. With a lot of positivity all around and the hunger to make the world a better place. Giving back to the society and helping others is our only duty and we are here to fulfill it.

This place if full of power pack volunteers who are readily available to take up any challenges to serve the society

Raj Khimawat

Finance Head And Social Media Head

Very few know that I started my volunteering before joining Association of Social Beyond Boundaries.

It was a group friends who came together to share smile to people on street but as each one of us got busy with our life our Social work took backseat.

That's when I started my journey with this beautiful family here with Diwali celebration with our Carter Road kids.

Along the way a lot of things happened but what stayed constant is the ideology of serving the society and Being the Change and taking this life long commitment of attaching my name with this beautiful organisation which is now my very own parivaar.

Sankit Mehta

Administration Head

From an early age, I have always been involved in volunteering work for social causes.
When I met Sagar Jain at an event, I was told about Association Of Social Beyond Boundaries and it was blessed to know that the team of youth are doing so much not only for one particular cause but working for various different social sectors.
At Association Of Social Beyond Boundaries we promise to spread immense happiness which is the basic need of the world & in anyway that I can contribute for the wellbeing of society and people, it will give me immense happiness and satisfaction.