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There Is Always Scope For Improvement

So I’ve got an interesting story about Apple and Mr Steve Jobs.
Do we remember the first iPod? How small and compact it was? 
Would you believe if I said the Mr Jobs threw it into a fish tank to check whether there was any scope of improvement? 

So here is it’s story:
W hen engineers working on...


Do you really think that was a way to say goodbye to bappa? With a half cut face or a piece of his hand/leg lying around and being walked upon? With the end of him being found in a dumping ground? 

We seriously need to reconsider this once again? After all the excitement and great days of him...

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence happens to everyone. All races, all religions, all income and education levels. 

Sometimes people don’t realise that they are going through something of this sort ,they deny the fact that it is happening with them or they fail to realise it is domestic violence. 

In India women usually end up suffering and going through this...


Legal separation from your partner is still considered as a big challenge in India. 

We are taught the concept of 1 partner forever which is very different from the western culture. 

Indian married couples are told to tolerate violence just before of social pressure and all cause of the phase “ log kya kahege”

I know we might...

Independence Day

We got independence on 15th August 1947 but are we really independent?

I don’t think so , we are still in the shackles of our mind , discriminating between the gender or playing the wild cards of religion. Each day giving into judging and comparing the evils of each day but not accepting the fact...

Mental Health

This social 6 sense is different cause this time we hear your thoughts first and then speak about it ourself .


Child Trafficking

Even today a huge number of children are employed and we come across this and yet take no action.

Why don’t we speak up/take action on this?

just cause that’s not our child?

These children are used not just for physical work but yet again used for sexual assault as well.

Child trafficking is another major concern faced...


Population growth is it a problem or blessing in disguise to planet Earth? What do you think is the leading factor to this huge number of population, is it lack of awareness and knowledge of protection and conterceptions or is it the mindset or is it advancement of medical sciences? Have we thought about it’s...

Sex Before Marriage

She slept with someone before marriage!!or

He slept with someone before marriage!!

Sounds so wrong and we have passed a judgment against her/him.

But who are we to judge this? Isn’t it an individual choice? Aren’t they allowed to make their own decisions?

If there was consensus between them , then how does it matter?



Who are you to ask a women not to abort or to abort the baby?

Who gave you the rights?

It’s her body and it’s attached to her…

It’s her womb that carries it for 9months…

It’s her umbilical cord that feeds the baby within….

Then who are you to say her to abort or not?

Abortion is her choice