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Water is essential to life, for both plants and all living creatures; almost 71% of earths surface and 60% of human body consists of water , but wait who cares we just pollute and damage the habitat.

Water crisis was inevitably as we are the main cause of it , yes the human being is...


Suicide is an act of killing oneself.It is one of the most rapidly growing problems among the younger generation .Some youths experience grave family problems which may result in suicide attempt by them. Peer pressure, comparison with others, trying to be like someone else or be its monetary issues, suicide seems an easy option. Some...


Have you ever thought about the oceans the creatures living in it? Just imagine someone throwing something even near our homes would annoy us such much and the instant reaction would be a slang.

Isn’t it annoying the habitat within the oceans? The sea throwing out tons of waste each day, the change in its...

Stop Comparing

Results are around the corner and a trending topic, making comparison with the neighbour’s kid is easy and degrading and making them diffident will do no good it will just create self-doubt in the child.

Don’t push your child in this dog eat dog world and rat race attitude.

The definition of success isn’t being...


She loved me even before i came into this world and even without looking at me.

She cared for me just by knowing my presence in her womb and made sure i was at ease all throughout while she went into labour to bring me into this world.

Yes you’ve guessed it right she is a...


Breastfeeding in public!! Should i be shy?

What if people are looking at my breast?

What will people think looking at me?

Am i being too bold?

The answer is “I really don’t care! Its my baby and this is her source of food! She is my world and as a mother it starts right from here!

Being a mom...


Yes you read it right….i said condom 

Why do you think condoms are still a taboo in our country?  Why are we, as the youth of our country, shy to buy them? Why do we look for a pharmacy far away from our house to buy them? Why not buy it from the pharmacy next to...


This is not a disease but an individual preference and choice .

The term puts a question on every one’s mind. What it actually means ,For all of you who do not know about it, LGBTQ refers to the sexual orientation and choices of people.Have they been accepted in our society’s multi...


The largest event ,more of a festival where each political party put forth its best ,makes promises for development,ease of living and mitigating the poverty .

We the largest democracy, elect our leader for our betterment . A leader who puts the nation first , works for the people and for the development. 

In this case we...


Dowry ……. for those you think it’s been our past , it’s a history now or dowry doesn’t exist anymore. 

I’m sorry but that’s not true , dowry still plays a major role in marriages . Directly or indirectly exchange of gifts do happen and the brides family is forced to accept the groom family’s demands...