Our Causes


Association of Social Beyond Boundaries is very keen in educating the young minds of the society who are far away from the reach of basic educational support.

Every weekend our selfless and dedicated team of volunteers teach the underprivileged young minds both in urban & rural areas.

We also provide them with stationery and other required study material on regular basis.

We take up online sessions apart from face - to - face education to give them wholesome experience and knowledge on different topics.

Health & Safety

As we say health is wealth and alll are not privileged like us to get best healthcare.

In terms of health & safety, we organize medical camps , provide guidance and necessary basic equipment to ensure day to day health care and spread safety via awareness sessions.


Association of Social Beyond Boundaries ensures that we plant trees and take care of environment as it's a gift from our ancestors and our responsibility to our next generations.

We don't only plant a tree but we plant happiness, hope and success and expect to get it back in abundance.

We make sure that we plant fruit or vegetable bearing saplings which can provide employment to villagers and ensuring their financial independence.


Association Of Social Beyond Boundaries have very proudly come up with a initiative called PERIOD: The Red Badge Of Courage to educate society about natural phenomenon of menstruation and making its normal.

Over the year we distribute Sanitary napkins and try to raise awareness campaigns towards it's importance, use and overall well-being.


Association Of Social Beyond Boundaries ensures for clean India towards better India.

We run initiatives like Beach Cleaning during Visarjan Ecofriendly Festival Celebration, etc where our enthusiastic team of volunteers go to beach and start cleaning it with the help of BMC Staff. We believe a small step also makes a huge difference.

Animal Welfare

Association Of Social Beyond Boundaries has launched an initiative named "Bezubaan's- They Deserve Better" to maintain a healthy lifestyle for stray animals.

They too have rights for hygienic food and medical treatment.

We try to provide basic yet effective facilities and undertaking projects that have impact on animal welfare.